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Grinding Steel Ball

Grinding balls for steel grinding machines (hereinafter referred to as grinding steel balls) are a kind of medium used in the ball grinding mill to grind the materials therein. With an annual capacity of 800,000 tons, the grinding steel ball is mainly used in mines, with products exported toSoutheast Asia,Australia, Africa, North America, Central andSouth Americaand other countries and regions. It has become one of the largest production bases in the world, with exported products reaching 95%.

● High precision control of product quality
● Base metal production lines of the wear-resisting material adopt a full set of short-stress rolling mill.The base metal is made through continual rolling to realize high precision control of product quality.
● Hot rolled steel balls are made from round steel produced by steel mills through hot rolling and with whole process automation control. The ball is uniform in hardness, with the heart having high hardness, being low in broken rate, and high in impact value.

● Grinding steel ball certified by product certification including: Grinding steel ball ISO90012008,Grinding steel ball OHSAS18001:2007